Summer… Good Times, Vacation, Camp, Swimming… So Much Fun to Be Had With the Family

This is me a few years ago at the grand canyon, trying to show my husband “it’s this big!” I want to update all of you what is happening this summer at Monarch. We will have a series of stretch classes that will be 4 weeks long—one class per week, with a focus on different…

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So Much Good Is Happening at Monarch

So much good is happening at Monarch—it’s such a blessing! You might have seen our ads or announcements about our Monarch You program. It is a wellness/educational intensive program of MFR, classes and biochemical analysis for one month or 3 month intervals. Our first class starts April 16th (so there is still time to sign…

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Feeling Frustrated With Low Energy, Weight Gain and Body Aches, But Don’t Know What to Do?

If you saw this on Instagram, or just read it now, does it feel like I’m reading your mind? I promise I do not have those kind of skills, but I want you to know, I understand. When I was 28, my self-perception was that I was in great shape, and a great athlete—I tend…

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5 Simple Ways to Have a Strong and Pain-Free Back

Blue Bonnet

Are you ready for spring drives in the country to look at bluebonnets, but don’t’ want to because of back pain, read on…. STAND UP have you been sitting more than normal lately? Long car rides/flights or conferences seem to increase back pain because we are not designed to sit for hours. Try getting up…

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Reflections from Sedona

Some of you may know that I was away from the clinic last week for my own intensive myofascial release treatment in Sedona, Arizona where John F. Barnes, PT, operates one of his therapy clinics (his other clinic is in Malvern, Pennsylvania). Intensive treatments are designed to include about three hours of therapy per day…

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New Year… NEW YOU

We have made it through to 2018 officially and into a new year.   It is a time of new beginnings, shifting, and a new season.  Time to look to the present harvest time we are in and beautiful things yet to unfold. It’s a time for the “New You” to finally emerge out of the…

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Myofascial Release: Why You Should Be Stretching at Home With a Therapy Ball

So, when was the last time you saw your therapy ball? Is collecting dust bunnies underneath your bed? Did your dog eat it? Did you ever even own a ball?  And, of course, you might be asking… So, why even have a ball to use at home? Well, let me show you how a simple…

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Christmas Gifts Starting at Just $30 Now Available!

December is this week!!! How did that happen?? It was just August! Time is rolling by fast, so my weekly blogging might be delayed by trying to have fun! Our family is going to try just doing stocking stuffers — no gifts this year (no kids to shop for and who needs more stuff!?). We…

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What the heck is my body doing? Part 3

Change Video Shot

Age 45-65+ I hope you are following along with us on this journey of life stages and how to deal with them as they are happening. This stage is very interesting, because things start really showing up here. We might have been pushing along through the 30’s and early 40’s with no problems, and sometimes,…

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What the heck is my body doing? Part 2

Pelvis Bone

Age 21-45 This is a huge, productive, crazy time of life!! You might be in grad school and sitting a lot, having and caring for children, or dealing with pre-menopausal life changing hormones—so, I will try to maintain a focus here—we don’t have all day!! A common area that affects everyone in the crazy/fun years…

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