What Does Physical Therapy Have to Do With the Pelvic Floor/Pain/Leaking When I Sneeze?

This is a big issue, it affects a lot of men and women, but most don’t want to talk about it even with their spouse, or their MD. Problems with urinary leakage, or incontinence, seems like something a 90 year old nursing home resident would have to deal with , not a healthy 30, 40, or 50 something. It’s not just a problem for those “who are old and have had children”. It’s basically for anyone who has a pelvis.

Healing needs to take place in a safe place, we do our very best to offer that environment. If you need more information on this topic, please click here  for a hand out on pelvic floor issues.

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We are here to help you. We specialize in helping active, healthy people get back to living without the use of medications or surgery.

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Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years, and a student of John F Barnes Myofascial release for 15 years. I have had an open spirit, and a tight physical body from birth, so I not only teach clients daily about movement, but I also stretch/move daily. I am pleased to say, I have less pain and am more active at 44 than I was at 28. I love my husband, and my dogs, and outside of work I live a simple life of being outside or on the ranch. I am a 5th generation Texan, and if you are from Fredericksburg, I am probably related to you. Knowing that we are all connected in some way, helps me when I’m writing or speaking, because I just imagine I am speaking to a good friend. Thanks for reading and following along with my blog — can’t wait to meet you in person, so , until then — be a blessing!

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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