Feeling Frustrated With Low Energy, Weight Gain and Body Aches, But Don’t Know What to Do?

Whether you're a woman over 30 whose body needs a bit of a "tune-up," or who suffers from a nagging injury or trauma, our new program provides a healing environment where you can restore yourself and grow.


Monarch You

your wellness in your hands

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What Is Monarch You?

Monarch You is an intensive whole health program combining myofascial release, biochemical analysis, Biomat sessions, flexibility/ body training, and emotional healing.

Why Monarch You?


For the past 20 years, healthcare reform has gradually eliminated all educational aspects of care---which we believe to be very important in understanding the entire scope of health.  As a result, Monarch Physical Therapy has put together specialized educational and wellness packages tailored to each individual. And so …..  “MONARCH YOU” was born.

What Will It Include?

Participation in Monarch You is a 10-week program that includes the following:

  • Orientation class on January 2nd at 4pm; each participant will receive their Monarch You bag and supplies for the program
  • Introductory biochemical analysis session to collect urine and saliva samples on January 2nd to determine Ph/supplements/metabolic needs
  • 2 myofascial release 2x’s week for 10 weeks, one hour each
  • Biomat far infrared heat 2x’s week for 10 weeks, thirty minute each (can be combined with MFR sessions weekly)
  • Color therapy - an adjunct with biomat sessions
  • Weekly 1 hour Stretching/Educational class for 10 weeks
  • Further biochemical analysis with customized results and plan of care
  • Sacred Space journaling (personal ongoing introspections during 10 week program)
  • Pre and post goals, posture photos to see progress, and journal notebooks

What Can I Get Out of It?

Input equals output. Showing up each week, a willing spirit to participate on your journey of transformation with the Monarch team. Once again, the Monarch You program is based upon a whole body approach to healing…..mind, body, and spirit.

Here's the Program Schedule...

Week 1: January 2 - January 4

Beginning Discovery and Transformation

  • Orientation class with introduction to the purpose of the program and Pillars of Monarch You on January 2nd
  • Introductory biochemical analysis session and collection of body samples
  • Scheduling of myofascial release, biomat, and color therapy sessions for the 10 week program
  • Initial measurements: postural analysis and photos, body measurements, and weight/height at initial myofascial release session
  • Begin journaling process and set up personal goals for my transformation into wellness

Week 2: January 7 - January 11

Journey Inward

  • 2 MFR, biomat, and color therapy sessions
  • What is fascia?
  • Intro to Myofascial Release stretching and benefits of self-treatment
  • Overview of MFR principles
  • Healing Crisis discussion
  • What is unwinding?
  • Self releasing at home and tapping into the multidimensional fascial system
  • Discuss continued journaling process

Week 3: January 14 - January 18

Peeling The Onion

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Traditional stretching vs Myofascial releases class
  • Stretches to relieve tightness in lower back and pelvis
  • Feeling vs thinking
  • Breathing into pain vs holding our breath
  • What is being revealed yet in your Journaling?

Week 4: January 21 - January 25

Healing The Foundation

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Review of self treatment at home class
  • Let’s talk about nutrition and gut health - Guest Speaker--Michelle Ackermann
  • Proper Water Intake and what kinds of water?
  • Feeling Deeper into Fascial System

Week 5: January 28 - February 1

Going Deeper

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Class -- Therapy Ball Self Releases; the most universal tool
  • The Self Treatment Tool Box -- How long to do it daily?  Which tool do I use? Where do I release?
  • Half way through the program--what’s different?

Week 6: February 4 - February 8

Valuing ME

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Educational Class --  Guest Speaker Suzanne from Powerhouse Bakery---teaching recipes
  • Discussion on Nutritional value of food we cook at home vs fast foods
  • Question and Answer time

Week 7: February 11 - February 15

Feeling and Releasing Core

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Self Release Class using a foam roller
  • Stretch the spine and trunk
  • Learn to soften into the restrictions
  • What have we learned so far about our body?

Week 8: February 18 - February 22

Peace, Serenity, Wholeness

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Healing with Essential Oils and What is a Raindrop Technique? -- Guest Speaker -- Helena Goodyear

Week 9: February 25 - March 1

Journey Inside

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Inner Healing Journey
  • Breathing/Visualization exercises
  • Meditation

Week 10: March 4 - March 8

Time to Breakout and Fly

  • 2 MFR, biomat and color therapy sessions
  • Take a look back on the journey
  • Review everything you’ve learned….you have come a long way!
  • Metamorphosis Takes Time -- What’s next?
  • How do I continue my transformation?  Do I need further help?
  • Happy Graduation!

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