Feeling Frustrated With Low Energy, Weight Gain and Body Aches, But Don’t Know What to Do?

Whether you're a woman over 30 whose body needs a bit of a "tune-up," or who suffers from a nagging injury or trauma, our new program provides a healing environment where you can restore yourself and grow.


Monarch You

your wellness in your hands

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What Is Monarch You?

Monarch You is a whole health program combining myofascial release, biochemical analysis, Biomat sessions, flexiblity training and emotional growth.

Programs begin on April 16, 2018, and will be held three days a week, for one month. All sessions will be instructed by myofascial release therapists or complementary health practitioners.

What Will It Include?

Monarch Mini You will include the following:

  • Biochemical analysis on April 4th to help determine ph/suppliments/metabolic needs
  • 2 myofascial release hour long sessions weekly
  • 2 biomat far infared 30 min sessions weekly
  • Weekly 1 hour stretching/educational class taught by therapists to help you understand and implement MFR self stretching at home
  • Access to private facebook group for accountability and to ask questions/review topics from the week
  • Pre and post goals, posture photos to see progress, and notebook to journal and track progress

What Can I Get Out of It?

Input equals output. Showing up each week, a willing spirit to participate, and basically being ready to be on this journey of transformation with help from the Monarch team. Change occurs on the mind, body, spirit level, so it’s not just about less physical pain. A lot of clients get back in touch with joy and happiness.

Here's the Program Schedule...

Week 1: April 16 - April 20

Beginning Discovery and Transformation

  • What is fascia?  Why do I need Myofascial Release?
  • How is Myofascial Release different than other bodywork?  Why would it help me?
  • What is a Biomat?  How does it help me with chronic pain, wellness, and transforming my body?
  • What is a Healing Crisis?  What can be done if I experience one?
  • Traditional vs Myofascial Release Stretching
  • Color Therapy--What is it?  How will it help me in my body transformation into wellness?
  • Biochemical Wellness Analysis -- What is it? Initial consult via Zoom call on first week with Christina Sessums from Purely Simple. (Pre-testing will be completed prior to Zoom session on April 4th - 5th.)
  • What are the seven parameters of testing in the Biochemical Wellness Analysis? How will the testing transform me into wellness?
  • Begin journaling process and set up personal goals for my transformation into wellness
  • Initial measurements: postural analysis and photos, body measurements, weight/height

Week 2: April 23 - 27

Journey Inward

  • Review of fascia structure and basics
  • Review of Myofascial Release principles
  • Visual and Body Scanning
  • Proper Breathwork and Techniques/ Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Body Awareness and the Fascial Voice Experience
  • What is the Unwinding Process?
  • Receive supplements shipped from Purely Simple
  • Self Releases and Myofascial Stretching at home -- consistency is the key
  • Self Releasing and tapping into the Multidimensional Fascial System
  • Continued journaling process

Week 3: April 30 - May 4

Peeling The Onion

  • Therapy Ball Self Releases -- the most universal tool
  • Feeling Deeper into the Fascial System
  • Deeper Journaling
  • The Self Treatment Tool Box -- How long to do it daily?  Which tool do I use? Where do I release?

Week 4: May 7 - 11

Time to Breakout and Fly

  • Self Release using a foam roller
  • Take a look back on the journey
  • Metamorphosis Takes Time -- What’s next?
  • How do I continue my transformation? Do I need further help?
  • Monarch You (3-month program)
  • Purely Simple program can continue as needed
  • Review everything you’ve learned ….. you have come a long way!
  • Putting it all together and last minute/deeper discoveries
  • Happy Graduation!

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